Sunday, January 20, 2008

India Bsnl Broadband and Mobile

Bsnl Broadband and Mobile Internet

Bsnl Broadband Error 678

"Error 687" this error occur most of time due to no connectivity of you broadband line of internal server error.
How to Fix Error 687, Remove Error 678, Solve Error 678 ask you many people daily this is not a new problem. it most of time appear with window xp.
Here are some tips to solve this problem.

step 1
Switch Off you Bsnl Broadband Modem and wait for 2minutes.
and retry to connect it. if not then go for step 2

step 2
Reset you Bsnl Broadband Modem from back side. (in the Back Hole site there should be a little hole insert a pin or something to push it twice)

step 3
Restart your computer. if still problem persist check ADSL Link (it should be remain light)

Check Modem Splitter Connect Properly, Jack out Modem, splitter, and land cable and usb cable it attached.

Connect all Cables to Modem and turn on you modem and on you computer.

Now your problem must be solved.

if you still having problem then turn off your modem and computer and start if after 2-5 minutes.

if not then connect you bsnl broadband office.

India Internet and Broadband

India Internet And Broadband